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What is bitism?

Bitism is a religion which helps to foster communication and flourishing of systems.

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about US

Bitism is a ministry at ISM.co (Independent Social Ministries). It is an umbrella organization of many different alternative "religions," all of which celebrate rationality and are based to some degree on philosophical Taoism. Here is the link to the Bitism ministry.

What does this have to do with Bitcoin?

In the same way that Amazon started out as a bookstore and then became a marketplace for everything, Bitism started out as a currency or store of value, but will soon become so much more. Everything will be on a blockchain (or something like it) in the future. That will help mandate transparency, education, knowledge, wealth, happiness, and understanding. Bitism is the philosophy/religion which helps us to understand the way in which the Bit will influence our lives.


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You can get ordained for free as a Bitist Minister at ISM.co (Independent Social Ministries). It's free, fast and easy. CLICK HERE